Our team

Our team

Founded in 1998, Private Capital was the first fee-based financial planning firm in Hong Kong. Now with more than 100 years of combined experience, you can rest assured your financial future is in good hands with our expert team.

Our primary focus has always been building long-lasting client relationships with British and overseas expats living in Hong Kong and the wider east Asian region, who are looking to get financially organised and find the peace of mind they need to enjoy life to the full.

With locations in both Hong Kong and the UK, our success is down to extensive expertise of our highly qualified team. All our financial planners are UK Level 4 qualified (as a minimum) for cross border and repatriation advice.

Our values


Unlike restricted firms and banks, being independent means that we can make bespoke recommendations that are unique to you. We therefore have the freedom to affect real change in our clients’ lives.


Our service is truly fiduciary; it goes beyond short-term fixes, such as purchasing one-off products. Instead, a fiduciary is required to act in their client’s best interest and help them to achieve their lifelong goals.


We were the first firm to establish fee-only investment advice in Hong Kong. Not only that, but we always disclose our fees fully and you will never find any hidden commissions in our service.


Because of our international presence, regulation and reputation in both Hong Kong and the UK, you can be confident that we are well equipped to help you achieve your lifelong goals.


Private Capital is a Hong Kong based Financial Planning company providing holistic Financial Planning and investment management services to Families in Hong Kong. We specialise in advising clients with a connection to the United Kingdom, whether British citizens or not, on their ongoing affairs whilst non-UK resident as well as repatriation planning.

Private Capital is a fiduciary, fee-only, independent adviser paid solely by our clients, allowing our advice to be unaffected by conflicts of interest. Our portfolios are evidence-based and built on access to institutional-quality financial solutions at the lowest cost possible.

Private Capital are licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

We are a team of individuals with over 100 years of combined experience in financial services, passionate about helping people achieve their long-term goals and avoid the scams, pitfalls and risks presented with investing offshore.

As well as being Hong Kong qualified and licensed, all our advice team are UK Ofqual QCF level 4 qualified as a minimum (the benchmark to be regulated to give advice in the UK). We are therefore aware of planning and tax considerations to offer sound financial advice in Hong Kong to those with a connection to the UK.

You can find out more about our team here.

The only revenue we make is from initial planning fees and ongoing advice fees determined by our client’s assets under management with Private Capital. We do not receive any initial commissions or trailer fees from funds, and no retrocessions or introducer fees from any platforms or other professional connections we may recommend.