Community Involvement

Community Involvement

We have supported numerous charitable events throughout the years, from sporting events to gala dinners. Our priority is to help people or organisations who can benefit significantly from our donations or sponsorship.


We harness the strengths of our local community to raise money for a variety of causes that support local businesses or events.

Asia Pacific Soccer Schools

We have sponsored APSS since 2014. Our sponsorship has helped subsidise the cost of coaches & playing kit.

Our aim is to help the local community through sport but most importantly, exercise for children of all ages. Children need to stay active in a bustling city lifestyle, where exercise is often prioritised lower down the list. We help subsidise the cost of football camps for families so children can stay active, but also make new friends outside of school and build a sense of camaraderie on and off the football pitch.

If you would like to understand more and go for a free trial, go to their website.

SPHC's Annual Hike for Hospice

The Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care runs an annual hiking event that usually takes place in the first quarter of each calendar year in one of Hong Kong’s famous country parks.

Private Capital regularly enters a team to participate in raising funds and awareness for hospice care.

The SPHC’s Hike for Hospice raises funds to subsidise services needed for underprivileged terminal patients. These services include quality hospice care, providing support to family members and raising public awareness towards terminal illness. If you would like to know more, go to their website.

Private Capital has been regularly involved with the Hike of Hospice, with our first enrollment in the 1990s. We have felt a duty to uphold our commitment to the community through hospice care, as we have enrolled a team every year since then. Before the event, we lend a helping hand in setting up route directions for our fellow participants before the event.



Each year, Private Capital enters a team to raise money and awareness for hospice care. We cannot recall the first year, but Rick has been involved since the 90’s. This was the first in-person Hike for Hospice event post-Covid, with Rick Adkinson, Mathew Bate, and George Adkinson representing Private Capital, along with Rose, and a friend of the firm. Thank you, Jason Carmichael at RPC, for joining us. This year’s event was hosted in Tai Lam, on a very wet and windy day, a stark contrast to our virtual event a couple of years ago, where Rick and Jason completed all four major trails in four months and George completed the Hong Kong Trail in less than 9 hours on a hot April day.

Private Capital has matched dollar for dollar any donations received. This year, we have raised HK$31,000 with Private Capital contributing HK$15,500.



Rick set out with a colleague (Jason C) to complete Hong Kong’s four trails over the span of 4 months. Whilst George set himself a challenge to do the 50km Hong Kong Trail within 9 hours. Combined they raised over $40,000.