Sateen and Anjali

Sateen and Anjali

Sateen, Anjali and their two children have lived on and off in Hong Kong for almost 20 years. Sateen had a UK pension that he wanted to move to his new home, so came to us for advice. This work then lead to further in-depth, long-term financial planning that has helped the family envision their future clearly.


Client since 2017

I use Private Capital very much as a sounding board for all things financial. You’re basically my one-stop shop!

Meet Sateen and Anjali

Coming up to three years now.


I look after IT and infrastructure for a big bank in Hong Kong. I’m here with wife, Anju, and two kids. Anju was a part-time teacher but is now a housewife. We’ve been here on and off since 2001.


We’ve lived here on and off for almost 20 years. It’s a lovely place. It’s given us a lot of happiness and joy.


I always wanted to know where my money was going and how it was performing, but I didn’t really have a financial adviser before.

Working with Private Capital has been quite illuminating and useful, as it’s given me a framework in which to think. Initially, I came for my pension (to move it from the UK), but as my trust in you grew, I gave you more information about my portfolio and you’ve helped me to structure it as it is now.


No, I don’t. Compared to before I started working with you, I think I have a lot of confidence.

I know where my money is, how it’s been planned out… there are obviously small things that I like to keep doing as things change, but now I’m really comfortable with the way we’ve planned so far.


I have a UK pension and seeing as I’ve lived abroad for so many years, I wasn’t sure what the right thing was to do. I wasn’t sure whether I’d be living in the UK longer term, so I came for that piece of advice, but realised there’s much more [planning] I can do.

The other piece of good advice you gave me was in relation to my UK National Insurance contributions and the State Pension. I’d neglected that, and I realised that, for a relatively small amount, I could get a much bigger benefit. So that was useful, otherwise, I’d have lost out.


What I liked is that you didn’t pressure me into anything. You listened to what I wanted to do, and then tweaked it. I remember going to a competitor before you, and I just felt a little pressured as they were so keen to move it out. You really explained to me all the different pluses and minuses of making the transfer.

The other thing I really liked was that you were really focused on annual fees and how to minimise, rather than the one-time lump sum, as that’s what really eats into your income [and returns] of the fund.

One thing you taught me was to look not just at the capital growth, but also the fees I’m paying because there are lots of hidden fees that I never noticed. For example, my other account was at 4.5% or something, and I just didn’t see that.


My original intention was just to sort out the pension and make it a very transactional event, with low touch afterwards, but then I realised you had this other ability to help with proper financial planning and the tool you showed me was very useful.

I liked the idea of doing ‘what-If’ analysis. I think the fact that we could put in all the known cashflows, and the known forecasted events that are coming in my life and then see how it all plans out was very useful and still is; so, we can go in and change the parameters. I find that very powerful because I can get peace of mind from knowing where things are going to land, eventually.


I think it’s given me more financial certainty. I can see the big picture because I had funds in India, funds in the UK, funds in Hong Kong, and it was all very messy. Now, I can actually see it all in one place and I can predict if I need to move funds from country X to country Y and what’s going to be the impact on my cashflows.

It’s also given me a method in which to work in, so if things come up unexpectedly, I know I can come in and have a chat with you, and we can tweak the forecasts. That’s helpful, as I have no idea how much things will eventually cost or whether I’m doing the right thing.

It’s also helped me to understand my risk appetite. I know now how much I have in property, pensions and cash, so we can adjust things depending on where I want to be.

I use you very much as a sounding board for all things financial, more than just my pensions. I reach out for advice on wills, etc. You’re basically my one-stop shop for all things!


That’s a good question. I think I could still do things I do now, but I just feel a lot more confident doing them now. There are fewer unknowns.

The day we went through the cashflow, I remember going back to Anju and saying, ‘okay, we don’t have to worry now’. It was a weight off our shoulders.


I never knew when my money would run out honestly speaking because we could live to 100 nowadays, you never know. So, would our money be enough?

One of the big questions I had was “will it be enough?’ in retirement. I just didn’t know.

The initial analysis was tough because I had to really think about my expenses which I’d never done, so that also gave me some discipline/ I know I have to pay for my kids’ education, I kind of knew that, but I had to really think about how much it would be, or how much would living expenses be after retirement. I had never really calculated that. But this helped as it forced us to go through line by line and put some numbers in.

The fundamental outcome was peace of mind that we are going to be okay.


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