Bill Thomson


Bill Thomson


At work

Bill is the Chairman of Private Capital. With over 60 years’ investment experience globally, Bill is an international economist working on and in Asia.

Bill served for ten years at the Asian Development Bank in Manila as a member of its Executive Board and then as Vice President. Prior to being at the ADB, Bill was an economist with the U.S.
Treasury and an investment analyst with Legg Mason.

In the past Bill has advised governments and several leading investment management companies in Asia, including Franklin Templeton, Lloyd George Management and Schroders. Bill was also Chairman of the Siam Recovery Fund and Momentum Asia Ltd., and is involved in venture capital and has published numerous articles on Asian economic and political developments.

At home

Bill is married and has three grown-up children.

He is an avid reader, keen walker, occasional golfer and retired cricketer.

Spotlight questions

Where can we find you on an ideal weekend?

In the country or at a cricket match.

What makes you laugh?

Anything politically incorrect.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Somewhere warm, not too humid and not too many tourists.

Who would you most like to have round for dinner?

Brigette Bardot, as she was in Doctor at Sea.

What’s your favourite song to sing along to in the car?

Hit the road, Jack!

What’s your pet peeve?

None, I’m happy to be healthy and active with a great family.

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you win gold for?

Betting on the losing candidate in US Presidential elections.

When the dessert menu arrives, what are you looking for?

Sorbet and an espresso.