Scam Alert: Fake pension advice fooling millions!

31/03/2016 11:27:19 PM // Written by Phil Stockton

Scam Alert: Fake pension advice fooling millions!

This is the opener from a recent piece on The message is clear: there is money to be made from flogging potentially unsuitable and expense pension ‘solutions’ to the unwitting.

The piece goes on to say “As many as 10.9 million consumers have received unsolicited contact about a pension since April 2015, based on data from an Office for National Statistics Populus poll for Citizens Advice.

The consumer body’s research also showed consumers aged 55-64 are most likely to take advantage of the pension freedoms and receive such calls. In this group, 33 per cent reported being contacted since April 2015.”

We have tweeted about this extensively in the past but the latest warning warrants a re-visit and the message is clear:


Avoid making the wrong decision!

The right advice comes with total transparency and recommendations from regulated specialists. Any transfer pension transfer can only be done if it is advised and signed off by a G60 / AF3 qualified individual who also is currently regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

We are a Hong Kong based fee-based financial advisory and we work exclusively with a UK regulated entity to ensure our clients get the correct fee-based advice; thus avoiding commission heavy and potentially inappropriate solutions.

If you want to know more please do contact us and be wary of any unsolicited call offering you pension related ‘advice’ that might result in high fees and a sub-optimal outcome.

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