Pension Professionals and Evidence-Based Investing

28/11/2016 1:54:34 AM // Written by Private Capital Limited

Pension Professionals and Evidence-Based Investing

Pension & Investments' Charles McGrath ran a piece on Dimensional Fund Advisors empasising the value they add via their evidence-based investment apporach and strong desire to keep costs down.

The information is graphically presented, text highlights include:

 "Healthy growth: Dimensional has grown its assets significantly as well as its investment offerings. Between 2005 and the end of 2015, assets under management grew 350%."

"Added alpha: Long-term returns of the top funds by AUM have outperformed their peer groups and added alpha relative to their benchmarks."

"Keeping costs low: Embedded in Dimensional’s process is minimizing transaction costs through its buy/sell discipline that avoids the costs incurred by index funds’ regimented rebalancing."

"Buying in: Since 2005, DC funds have added $31.6 billion in exposure to Dimensional funds while DB plans have added $21 billion. Forty percent of the firm’s assets are institutional, with the remaining 60% from financial advisers."

If you want to know more about evidence-based investing and keeping costs low or would like a link to the full P&I piece then contact us today. #FeeOnlyHK 

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